Spirit Sunday

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   It's Sunday, and you know what that means? Selfies  I mean being selfless, obviously. Simply stated in the words of Audrey Hepburn, "It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second." This idea is a timeless one, but it has often become associated with the implication that you must sacrifice your happiness in order to make someone else happy. Yes, being selfless requires energy and time, but there is a certain joy to be found in losing yourself in the service of others.
    The universe works in a perfect symmetrical order: what you give you recieve. So when you give part of yourself to others, the universe will make sure you are treated in the same manner. Think of it like the Golden Rule. Throughout history and religion, the same message has been told countless times in different words, but its meaning has remained constant: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. 

So here's my advice:

  1. Stop all poisonous thoughts- Your thoughts become your actions, and it is easier to do good when your thoughts are only good.
  2. Broaden your perspective- Life is a beautiful, crazy thing and the best part about it? It's different for every single person. No two people have experienced the same things in life. Think of the feelings and emotions of others before acting.
  3. Be compassionate- Every person you meet is working through their own issues; always be mindful of this.
  4. Be selfless even when no one is watching- Never, ever be selfless with the intention of being credited or given something in return. Act solely from kindness and love
  5. Volunteer your time and skills- The best gifts to give are not materialistic. They are ones that can not be stolen or broken: your time and skills.  Always give from your heart and mean what you do. 
  6. Remember to take care of yourself- Don't neglect yourself. You are just as important as those that you help.

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Luck and Love, 
Natalie Ava  

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