If Not Now, When?

       After starting a blog earlier this year, I posted exactly two times and then stopped. The blog remained untouched and unseen for months. Was it procrastination? maybe. Was it forgetfulness? perhaps. Was it just plain laziness? more than likely. But was it lack of creativity? absolutely not. I often find myself with so much to say, but rarely do I act upon it and share my thoughts with others.
       More than nine months ago, I decided that I wanted to share my thoughts and words and write for others. I wanted my words to be a source of comfort, amusement, interest, advice... words that would  help people. That has been my sincere intention from the start.
       Growing up I was taught to love myself, not in a conceited or vain way, but rather, in a way where I respect myself and love myself enough to be comfortable in my own skin. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful mother who instilled in me the values through which I live my life, but I have learned that not everyone is so lucky. I want to use what I am learning and have been taught to teach women how to love themselves unconditionally through the growth of their mind, spirit, and appreciation of beauty.
       The message I want to get across has been the same since the first time I sat down in my room and started my old blog nine months ago, but the time to begin again is now. Why? Because "If not me, who? If not now, when?" -- Inspiration is everywhere, and the universe is constantly leaving signs in the most peculiar places: an excerpt from Emma Watson's speech to the UN inspired me to create again. (if you have not watched it, it's brilliant. * watch it here * It's deeply moving, and I'll definitely be talking more about it later) Her words were clear and true: there is no better time than the present to begin our journey together anew.

Luck and Love, 
Natalie Ava   

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