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Guess who's back?

I'm back (back again), and like the real Slim Shady after a hiatus, I come bearing a few surprises. 

       A whirlwind October has finally settled into the beginning of a much welcomed November. I am so excited to share that I was graciously asked to model for a boutique from back home: Bella Vita Online Boutique. Melissa, the owner, has been taking care of my lash extension needs and always goes above and beyond to make them look beautiful! So when she asked if my best friend and I could model for her new line, how could I refuse?
        Her clothing is chic and a major plus is the fact that it is affordable. You're paying reasonable prices for amazing clothes!  A fashion lover myself, I loved mixing and matching basic pieces with her edgier ones and accessorizing to create so many different looks with her 19-piece line. Here are some of my favorite looks:

    My best friend Andrea and I 
  1. Black lace two piece- This outfit is sold in two pieces: a black lace crop top and a black lace skirt. The top and bottom are absolutely beautiful and flatter several body shapes. The skirt accentuates the hips and the crop top adds a fun flair to a rather dressed up look. We paired this duo with nude wedge heels and minimal accessories.

2. Blush Sequin Top- The Blush Sequin Top is one of my surprise favorites from the line. I usually tend to shy away from shiny tops, but I fell in love with this top the moment I put it on. The sequins change color with the lighting, creating beautiful hues of varying pinks and white. The top is eye-catching enough to stand without accessory, but I paired it with a wide brimmed hat anyway. To complete the look, I put on black leggings and my favorite black booties.

3. Rossdale Shorts- Sticking with the glitz and glam theme so far, the Rossdale shorts are a must this season. They glam up any plain top! As we approach the winter party season, these shorts are perfect for get togethers and add just the right amount of glamour to any outfit. On top I'm wearing the collection's black chiffon crop top, which I absolutely adore. The opening in the back is so feminine.

4.  Faux Leather Accent Pants- I love leather, but more than that, I love animals. So with faux leathers and furs, I get the best of both worlds. These faux leather accent pants are an absolute closet staple. They're edgy and perfect for any occasion: you can dress them up or down. I dressed mine up with a graphic tee, faux leather jacket, and chunky statement necklace.

5. Black Sheer Jumpsuit- My last, but certainly not least, favorite outfit is the black sheer jumpsuit. At first glance, the jumpsuit is eye-catching. Its thin straps that are intricately crossed over a wide opening create an absolutely stunning back. It elongates the figure and hugs all the right places. I'm usually not a fan of jumpsuits because of how short I am, but paired with heels and a wide brimmed hat, this jumpsuit jumped its way into my heart.

     I hope you've enjoyed the looks I shared! Like I said, these are just few of the many amazing outfits from the boutique! I had so much fun getting to work with the clothes, and I can't thank Melissa enough for the beautiful opportunity she gave me.
   For more looks and to shop the line go to and follow the boutique on instagram @bellavitaonlineboutique

Luck and Love, 
Natalie Ava   

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Fall Favorites

    What's not to love about fall? The weather gets cooler, the leaves change from green to red, the days speed by until suddenly it's Halloween... then Thanksgiving... then Christmas! It's the gateway to the end of another wonderful year. Oh, and how could I forget the pumpkin spice lattes! yum.

Fashion Favorites
This season I'm totally loving more burgundy and dark tones. An absolute favorite trend of mine is making a comeback: grunge. Hi, 90's! We missed you.

  1. Flannels- Flannel shirts are one of my ultimate closet staples because you could totally dress them up or down. Add a chunky J Crew necklace  to a buttoned up flannel with some black skinny jeans and riding boots, and voila! Prepster chic. Or add an unbuttoned flannel rolled to the elbows to a cute lace dress for a dressed down outfit.
  2. Silky Tanks- If you're like me, and still live in a place where the weather is about 90 degrees on the daily, tanks are still a must. Switch from casual summer tanks to dressier silk tanks for fall. Just add minimal jewelry and skinnies. 
  3. Ripped Jeans- I. love. ripped. jeans. Boyfriend jeans are so versatile! They add the perfect edge to any outfit. Try pairing them with booties or, my personal favorite, metallic slip-on sneakers
  4. Plaid Skirts- Plaid skirts are great with band tees! Pair this ensemble with a chunky necklace and black booties! 
  5. Band Tees- Like I mentioned above, band tees look so cute with plaid skirts. It's grunge, yet girly.. Punk without the commitment of a half-shaved head or lip piercing. I usually fold the sleeves up or cut the collar for a more feminine look. They also look great with skinny jeans and a statement necklace. Check out Bauble Bar for some amazing pieces of jewelry.  

Accessory Favorites
No outfit is complete without accessories, and fall is the perfect time to experiment with different styles! 
  1. Panama Hats- Panama hats look great on everyone, from Harry Styles to Kylie Jenner. Panama hats are the perfect addition to any outfit. My personal favorite is from Urban Outfitters
  2. Stackable Rings- Stacking your rings is so much fun. Rings add a little flair to the most casual outfits. Some of my favorites are from Earth Bound and Nasty Gal.
  3. Studded Bracelets- Continuing with the grunge trend, studded bracelets vamp up even dressy outfits. 
  4. Chokers- Need I say more? Possibly the best return of a 90's trend. Check out Sweet Paradisco on Etsy for the best chokers.
  5. Rounded Sunglasses- Sunglasses are still a must in sunny Texas. My favorites are my Ray-Bans
Beauty Favorites
  1. Burgundy and Gold Nail Polish- Essie has some great fall colors. 
  2. Neutral and Metallic Eyeshadows- Try the Urban Decay Naked 2 palatte, or my personal favorite the Lorac Pro Palatte.
    • BONUS: If you didn't already know, Michelle Phan is a makeup genius; she's created my new favorite fall makeup beauty look-- Grunge Beauty-- Check it out! 

Luck and Love, 
Natalie Ava   
Items pictured: 

River Island red
Thakoon Addition short skirt$430 -
J.Crew boyfriend
Valentino leather


Spirit Sunday

Lace dress from Goodnight Macaroon
   It's Sunday, and you know what that means? Selfies  I mean being selfless, obviously. Simply stated in the words of Audrey Hepburn, "It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second." This idea is a timeless one, but it has often become associated with the implication that you must sacrifice your happiness in order to make someone else happy. Yes, being selfless requires energy and time, but there is a certain joy to be found in losing yourself in the service of others.
    The universe works in a perfect symmetrical order: what you give you recieve. So when you give part of yourself to others, the universe will make sure you are treated in the same manner. Think of it like the Golden Rule. Throughout history and religion, the same message has been told countless times in different words, but its meaning has remained constant: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. 

So here's my advice:

  1. Stop all poisonous thoughts- Your thoughts become your actions, and it is easier to do good when your thoughts are only good.
  2. Broaden your perspective- Life is a beautiful, crazy thing and the best part about it? It's different for every single person. No two people have experienced the same things in life. Think of the feelings and emotions of others before acting.
  3. Be compassionate- Every person you meet is working through their own issues; always be mindful of this.
  4. Be selfless even when no one is watching- Never, ever be selfless with the intention of being credited or given something in return. Act solely from kindness and love
  5. Volunteer your time and skills- The best gifts to give are not materialistic. They are ones that can not be stolen or broken: your time and skills.  Always give from your heart and mean what you do. 
  6. Remember to take care of yourself- Don't neglect yourself. You are just as important as those that you help.

Picture from @jacvanek on instagram

Luck and Love, 
Natalie Ava  

If Not Now, When?

       After starting a blog earlier this year, I posted exactly two times and then stopped. The blog remained untouched and unseen for months. Was it procrastination? maybe. Was it forgetfulness? perhaps. Was it just plain laziness? more than likely. But was it lack of creativity? absolutely not. I often find myself with so much to say, but rarely do I act upon it and share my thoughts with others.
       More than nine months ago, I decided that I wanted to share my thoughts and words and write for others. I wanted my words to be a source of comfort, amusement, interest, advice... words that would  help people. That has been my sincere intention from the start.
       Growing up I was taught to love myself, not in a conceited or vain way, but rather, in a way where I respect myself and love myself enough to be comfortable in my own skin. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful mother who instilled in me the values through which I live my life, but I have learned that not everyone is so lucky. I want to use what I am learning and have been taught to teach women how to love themselves unconditionally through the growth of their mind, spirit, and appreciation of beauty.
       The message I want to get across has been the same since the first time I sat down in my room and started my old blog nine months ago, but the time to begin again is now. Why? Because "If not me, who? If not now, when?" -- Inspiration is everywhere, and the universe is constantly leaving signs in the most peculiar places: an excerpt from Emma Watson's speech to the UN inspired me to create again. (if you have not watched it, it's brilliant. * watch it here * It's deeply moving, and I'll definitely be talking more about it later) Her words were clear and true: there is no better time than the present to begin our journey together anew.

Luck and Love, 
Natalie Ava